Limb Lengthening Negligence

What is limb lengthening?

Limb lengthening is the medical process of creating a small fracture to a non-union or deformed limb and placing a brace around the outside of the fracture zone. This technique helps expand the bones and the fracture zone, encouraging new bone growth and, over a period of time, increasing bone segments to lengthen the limb. This process of new bone formation is called osteogenesis and enables doctors to lengthen bones from 15 to 100 percent. Candidates for this procedure include anyone facing a deformity, such as those who were born with a defect, developed an infection or tumor, and individuals suffering from dwarfism.

Risks of Limb Lengthening

Although this procedure may be suitable for some patients in the hands of a skilled doctor, this process can also be highly risky. When placed in the hands of a negligent doctor, patients may suffer from nerve damage and blood vessel complications, lose pins, end up with unequal limb lengths, or experience complications with the lengthening and surgical hardware. Sites that are not properly monitored as well may increase the chance of infection and paralysis due to blood flow loss or nerve damage.

Baltimore Medical Negligence Attorneys Help with Negligence Claims

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