Case Results

Past cases that our Baltimore Litigation Attorney’s Participated In

Medical Malpractice Wrongful Birth- $7,000,000.00

Seven figure verdict against Radiologist who misread a sonogram resulting in child born with Down Syndrome

Medical Malpractice Wrongful Birth- $5,000,000.00

Seven figure settlement against Radiologist who misread then lost sonogram results, resulting in child born with abnormalities

Medical Malpractice Misdiagnosis- $1,700,000.00

Seven figure settlement against Hospital when ER Doc failed to diagnose and treat ACS causing organ failure and neurologic injuries

Medical Malpractice Surgical Error- $470,000.00

Six figure settlement against Hospital and ER Doc when routine cholecystectomy ended in severing bile duct

Medical Negligence Medevac Error- $10,000,000.00

Seven figure verdict/settlement against Hospital for Hypoxic damage to child causing severe brain damage from lack of oxygen during hospital transport

Wrongful Death Lack of Monitoring- $250,000.00

Six figure settlement against Hospital for giving high narcotic dose and lack of nursing care resulted in death

Wrongful Death Informed Consent- $5,000,000.00

Seven figure verdict against Hospital for death of Circuit Court Judge due to off label use of medication without informed consent from patient

Medical Malpractice Surgical Error- $6,000,000.00

Seven figure settlement against Hospital for puncturing local physicians spinal cord during a routine surgical procedure

Wrongful Death- $550,000.00

Six figure verdict against Hospital for misdiagnosing a pulmonary embolism after surgery

Orthopedic Malpractice $900,000.00

Six figure settlement against local hospital for orthopedic malpractice

Soil Contamination- $450,000.00

Six figure settlement against large oil corporation for leaking gasoline into the ground contaminating local residential homes

Gas Contamination- $150,000,000.00

Nine figure verdict against fortune 100 oil company who leaked 30k gallons of gasoline into the ground in a residential neighborhood

FINRA Violations- $1,700,000.00

Seven figure verdict against international Broker/Dealer for FINRA violations and unauthorized trading

Business Fraud- $60,000,000.00

Eight figure settlement against large insurance company who allegedly discriminated based on age and race and then conspired to throw cases

Breach of Contract- $2,500,000.00

Settlement against financier for breach of contract caused development project to go bankrupt.

Brokerage Breach of Fiduciary Duty- $2,000,000.00